Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Smart Building Solutions

Efficient, comfortable and affordable.

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

LED Lighting Solutions

Reduce energy costs by 40-50%.

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Solar Solutions

Freedom from high electricity costs.


Energy Efficiency and Sustainability is our No. 1 priority to serve our clients, combined with engineering expertise and great customer service. This commitment is reflected in a culture that values integrity, professionalism, and a passion for excellence. We foster a clear understanding that trust is something we must earn every day.


Have your facilities experienced the following?

High Energy Cost

Most commercial & industrial facilities built before 2014 incur higher energy cost per Sq. Ft. But there’s good news – our energy assessment can pinpoint ways to reduce energy cost by at least 15-20%.

Outdated or Inefficient
Building Systems

You can’t turn back the clock on old, outdated equipment. The efficiency of a building’s lighting and HVAC systems will degrade with the passage of time and the age of the equipment.

Costly Maintenance &
Ongoing Repairs

Replace existing equipment with energy-efficient systems and save thousands on preventive and unplanned maintenance & repairs. Cover 30-50% of upgrade costs with incentives from Federal, State and local utilities.


We help you reduce energy costs

Energy Audits

Thorough assessment of your facility

LED Lighting Solutions

Energy-efficient, low maintenance ambient lighting

Solar PV Solutions

Cost-effective, clean, renewable energy

Energy Analysis

Energy modeling for commercial & residential facilities

Utility Rebates, Tax Credits & Deductions

The right tax incentives for your property

ABout Us

A leading energy consulting and advisory firm

Future First Energy’s management and team members are qualified energy professionals. We leverage our experience and strengths as a leading energy consulting and advisory firm to deliver viable solutions that improve the efficiency and energy savings of your facility. The energy improvements will save money and avoid costly infrastructure upgrades.

Your energy solutions are based on a thorough assessment of your facilities. Our energy experts develop recommendations that will have a positive impact on your cash flow from day one.

Future First Energy has a qualified network of ‘Energy Services’ fulfillment partners to offer turnkey solutions. Your satisfaction is important to us so from start to finish, we work with our clients to provide complete peace of mind.

Who we serve

Service and support across industries

Schools & Universities
Auto Dealerships

Benefits of energy efficiency

Energy savings will reduce utility costs
Demonstrable return on investment
Increases your property value
Enhances indoor air quality and comfort level
Protects the environment
How it works

The easiest way to save energy

Schedule a call
A 15-min phone consultation can jumpstart the way for 20% savings on your energy bills.
Facility audit
Our expert energy auditors will assess your facility to identify low cost/no-cost & capital-intensive energy savings measures.
Choose from a range of energy saving recommendations.
We partner with customer-oriented service providers to give you a complete peace of mind and deliver the highest quality of workmanship.
You can begin to enjoy the savings from day one.

How to brighten your facility and save money!

Get the free LED lighting case study to see how.

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